HANGER (2009)

Pulled into this world to take you out! Hanger is horrifying, hilarious tale of revenge in the classic grindhouse tradition, starring a duo who are wired to kill. A botched back-alley abortion results in a mutilated child, who grows up to embark on a murderous mission of revenge. A variety of twisted and monstrous figures stand in Hanger’s way… but not for long. Pimps and dealers, hookers and junkies: they’ll all be hung out to dry.

Hanger is the fourth Plotdigger Film, reuniting familiar faces from previous Plotdigger entries and bringing on board sensational stars such as Debbie Rochon to tell this story of sickness. The film combines ’70s grindhouse sleaze with ’80s Troma-style freakshows with the cringe-inducing gore dialed up to eleven. Inspired by everything from Death Wish to Street Trash, Hanger is a technicolour nightmare you’ll never forget… even if you try.

Hanger was released July 2009 in a severely cut and censored version for the German market. Unfortunately, this was the Internet’s first exposure to Hanger, as a torrented version was spread around the Internet in the summer. Upon seeing this milquetoast version, many fans worried that we’d lost our balls. It ain’t so!

The uncut Austrian version of Hanger, dubbed in German (and very well, we might add) came to light in late September of 2009 courtesy of Shock DVD Entertainment. Buzz from German viewers is positive… this movie makes an impression in any language!

The international uncut English version of Hanger is set for release across North America by Vicious Circle Pictures on November 17, 2009. The official release will have a ton of awesome bonus features to salivate over; see below for a complete list!